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Helping Real Estate Developers and Builders
Visualize and Design Their Concepts

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What Is ArchViz? 

ArchViz or architectural visualization is the process of using complex modeling methods and powerful rendering computers to create digital models of structures, buildings and spaces.  Now, in addition to traditional two dimensional floor plans and elevations architects and builders can use dynamic three dimensional computer-aided designs to create exciting photorealistic models to inspire and inform.

Once almost solely the province of the television and motion picture industries, three dimensional design and visualization has become commonplace in the field of architecture.  Many architectural firms staff 3D designers and modelers to produce dynamic photorealistic images of their designs.


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"Find A Need And Fill It." 

The focus at 3SpaceArchViz is on the company that recognizes the need for 3D designers and modelers but cannot justify the expense of staffing these positions full-time. 

Let 3SpaceArchViz help you to be more competitive.  Whether you need realistic 3D models and renders of your designs, or you would like a little creative input along the way, you can count on 3SpaceArchViz.  In fact, I can design your entire project if you like.  All I need to get started is a site plan, and any design cues or other requirements you may have.

Take a look around my website.  I designed or helped design almost everything here. 

Contact 3SpaceArchViz, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by how affordable my services are. 

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Why Use ArchViz? 

Creating a three dimensional model of a building is practical for several reasons.  Unlike a sketch, if a design change is required the original model can be modified.  If a sketch or painting was used, it would mean a new painting or sketch for each change.  Likewise, several renders from different angles can be made from the same model while a sketch or painting must be done over and over again every time a new angle is wanted. 

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"Two Heads Are Better Than One"

Relinquishing even a little control is hard.  After all, it's your baby!  However, when relinquishing a bit of that control and putting the specialty activities in the hands of the specialist, those collaborations can go a long way to making the design better and getting things done quicker. 

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3SpaceArchViz Fills The Need

By partnering with 3SpaceArchViz, a relationship is created with the purpose of not only making the project better, but joining together in showcasing the best aspects of the design to the viewing public.

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3SpaceArchViz Residential

While providing services to commercial developers and builders is my primary focus I do residential work as well.  My commercial clients do not typically require the development of interiors as their clients will almost always be responsible for interior design.  That is not the case with residential projects.  Interiors are easily as important as exteriors.  The homeowner will want to see the interior staged and presented as accurately as the exterior.

If interiors are important to your project take a look at some of the residential work I have done.  It can be quite detailed.

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"Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention" 

Local governments, zoning and planning boards are making it increasingly difficult for outdoor advertising companies to remain relevant in an increasingly hostile environment.  My client chose to attack the problem head on by partnering with 3SpaceArchViz to design a series of digital outdoor boards that complement their environment, not compete with it.  I was tasked with creating multiple digital outdoor boards that drew their inspiration from the neighborhood in which they were designed to live.  

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Disclaimer:  While I have a good sense of what will work and what won't I am not an architect nor am I an engineer.  My clients have their architects and engineers verify the legitimacy of my designs.

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